Swag's Fest Photos: Blue Lisa's Anniversary Party

October 26, 2002
Dallas, TX


Dallas community radio station KNON, 89.3 on your FM dial, put on a benefit to honor the broadcasting anniversary of Blue Lisa, who plays blues and R&B on Thursday mornings.  It was held at the Sons of Hermann Hall, one of the best and most unique music venues in Dallas.  Blue Lisa's show often showcases women of the blues, and the benefit did as well.  Beth Garner opened, followed by Blue Lisa's own band, and finally the headliner, Marcia Ball.  KM Williams played downstairs, providing a token male presence before and between sets.

As usual, Marcia was outstanding.  Her set was close to two and a half hours without a break.  She was on, and the devoted crowd was appreciative.  If That's Enough of That Stuff doesn't get you up and dancing, or at least get your ass moving in your chair, a trip to the audiologist or neurologist is advised.  Her ballads St. Gabriel and Louisiana 1927 are enough to move the stoutest man to tears.  

Marcia at the Sons, a perfect pairing or artist and venue.  It doesn't get much better than this.

I realize that technically, this wasn't billed as a festival, but I needed somewhere to post my pictures, and since there were at least 3 artists performing, I decided my festival pages were as good a place as any.

KM Williams (right)
with Washboard Jackson
115-1535_IMG.JPG (64158 bytes)
Beth Garner 115-1536_IMGe.jpg (45190 bytes)
Blue Lisa and the Howling Dogs 115-1545_IMGe.jpg (54489 bytes)
Marcia Ball

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Marcia Ball, with Pat Boyack 115-1554_IMG.JPG (47638 bytes)
The Marcia Ball Band 115-1562_IMG.JPG (44982 bytes)

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