Swag's Fest Photos: City Arts Celebration

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Sunday, June 12, 2005
Dallas, TX


The second year for this young festival, this year running on Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. The Fest was held about three weeks later than the first year, and in North Texas springtime, those three weeks make a difference. It was hot. In the sun, it was really hot.

I was there most of Saturday and Sunday, much of the time working the sponsor's booth (shamless plug) for the Texas Music Center. Luckily, the booth was adjacent to the Main Stage, so I was able to hear and photograph lots of great local music.

The festival was spread over a larger area this year than last. It still started over by the Dallas Museum of Art, but this year extended past the Myerson Symphony Center and over into Artist Square, where the Main Stage was located. Because of this, the Festival felt very uncrowded, despite what the organizers said was roughly triple the attendance of last year.

As was the case last year, it was free admission (no gates, just wander on in). One very nice change from year one is that the museums were open and free admission on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. This afforded not only an opportunity to appreciate their collections of art, but also a chance for an air-conditioned respite from the heat.

Turtle Creek Chorale

(just a sub-group, the actual Chorale is much larger)

Damaged Goods, Jim Weiss on vocals
Texas Gypsies
Maylee Thomas
Texas Slim & the Love Machine -
Joey Love (left) & Slim
Brave Combo
Carl Finch of Brave Combo
Becca Dalrymple

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