Swag's Fest Photos: Deep Ellum Arts Festival

April 02, 2004
Dallas, TX


A small local festival in Dallas' historic Deep Ellum, now a popular entartainment district.  Two stages bookend a 4 block stretch of Main Street, with a bunch of the usual fest vendors in between:  artists, crafts, candlemakers.   Poor food selection, and they do the ticket thing for food & beverage.   Tickets are only sold in strips of $10; leftover tickets are just one more way for the organizers to gouge you.

But the good thing is, it's in Deep Ellum.  There are plenty of bars that will happily accept your cash for a single beer, and lots of restaurants to choose from as well.  And best of all, lots of clubs with their own live music playing.  Half these photos aren't from folks playing the Fest, but gigging clubs right nearby. 

Friday night was blues night on the main stage.

A decent kickoff to the 2004 Festival season.  And just three weeks till Jazzfest!

Pete Barbeck & 7th Son DeepEllum04 064.jpg (62098 bytes)
The Main Stage DeepEllum04 069.jpg (47131 bytes)
The Chris Ruest Trio,
with special guest Ron Jones on sax,
playing the rooftop at The Bone.
DeepEllum04 070.jpg (47791 bytes)
Leo Hull and the Texas Blues Machine DeepEllum04 083.jpg (77569 bytes)
... with Bobby Baranowski on drums DeepEllum04 080.jpg (62862 bytes)
All Funk Radio DeepEllum04 090.jpg (68612 bytes)
North Mississippi Allstars
at the Gypsy Tea Room
DeepEllum04 108.jpg (54773 bytes)
Luther Dickinson
on Lead Guitar
DeepEllum04 110.jpg (56736 bytes)
Holland K. Smith
at Deep Ellum Blues
DeepEllum04 114.jpg (56244 bytes)

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