Swag's Fest Photos: Main Street Ft. Worth Arts Fest

April 19, 2008
Ft. Worth, TX


This was my first time back to this Fest in a few years. Not a whole lot has changed. It's held in downtown Fort Worth, along Main Street, stretching 7 or 8 blocks from the old Courthouse to the Convention Center. Two main stages, one at either end, and lots and lots of arts and crafts vendor booths lining the street in between. The fest is still free, with a good amount of free parking near by. Food and drink via coupons, 10 for $7 or 75 cents individually. Beer (Coors products, including Killians) was 6 coupons, margaritas were 11 for a large.

After closing early on Thursday due to severe thunderstorms, the fest enjoyed perfect weather the rest of the weekend. These pics are from Saturday. Crowds were heavy, and enthusiastic. Terrence Simien was as well received as any zydeco show I've ever seen in the DFW area. He was throwing lots of mardi gras beads from the stage during his set, and while that's sort of a cheap gimmick, if it works to get a North Texas crowd on its feet, more power to him. Dr. John's closing set was marred by terrible sound for the first hald of his set, but they eventually got the mix worked out.

Red Young, Red and the Red Hots
Joseph Vincelli
Johnny Red and the Roosters
Terrance Simien
Dr. John
Dr John getting his groove on

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