Swag's Fest Photos: Southwest Blues Heritage Fest

Sep 17, 2003
Ft. Worth, TX


The 3rd year for this festival, put on by the good folks at Southwest Blues magazine.   This time around, it was held at J&J's Blues bar in Ft. Worth.  In addition to the main stage inside, a 2nd stage was set up out in the parking lot.  It was covered with a tent, but didn't need to be - the weather was absolutely perfect.   Cover was $18 at the gate, but the profits go to charity.

Kenny Traylor, with Miss Blues swb2003 002.jpg (58663 bytes)
Christian Dozzler swb2003 008.jpg (63240 bytes)
Chris Zalez Band swb2003 009.jpg (73839 bytes)
K.M. Williams, with Washboard Jackson swb2003 011.jpg (62730 bytes)
Watermelon Slim swb2003 013.jpg (43953 bytes)
Henry Qualls, with Bobby Baronowski (drums) and Hash Brown swb2003 015.jpg (57913 bytes)
BTA Band swb2003 017.jpg (79453 bytes)
The Browntones swb2003 021.jpg (72987 bytes)
Tom "The Bluesman" Hunter swb2003 022.jpg (64838 bytes)
Ray Sharpe swb2003 027.jpg (52370 bytes)
Chris Ruest Band swb2003 029.jpg (52203 bytes)
Jimmy Dawkins swb2003 038.jpg (63941 bytes)
Mitch Palmer swb2003 041.jpg (53364 bytes)

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