Swag's Fest Photos: Taste Addison Festival

May 16, 2004
Addison, TX


The 13th Anniversary of this fest, held on the weekend after Mothers Day in the Dallas suburb of Addison.  These pictures are from Sunday 5/16.

$5 admission; parking, always free in the past, now $5..

They've rebuilt the fairgrounds area.  It used to be an open field next to a small, paved street.  The field now has some paved walkways and a few permanent benches.  They've also added real bathrooms, further away but much nicer than the port-o-johns.

The Main Stage addison04 007.jpg (74775 bytes)
Annagrey addison04 002.jpg (60354 bytes)
Blondie addison04 025.jpg (45714 bytes)
Deborah Harry of Blondie addison04 039.jpg (66540 bytes)

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