Swag's Fest Photos: Wildflower Festival

June 29, 2002
Richardson, TX


Officially billed as "Sights and Sounds of Galatyn Park", this one day festival replaced the multi-weekend festival that Richardson has had in past years.  The date was switched for this year only, from early May to late June.   But someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, as the weather was more typical of early April than late June.  Cool temperatures and high winds prevailed, with brief downpours early in the afternoon.

The highlight was the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, with their first Dallas area appearance in about 5 years.  These guys played up a storm, even as a storm blew around them.  Somehow, despite skies that brought to mind cries of "Auntie Em, Auntie Em", and winds that turned plastic chairs into projectiles, the set was rain free, and the guys didn't let little things like the roof of the stage blowing off deter from the music.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band 108-0847_IMG.jpg (74232 bytes)
Nice Shirt 108-0854_IMG.jpg (67172 bytes)
The Dirty Dozen Blows the Roof Off! 108-0852_IMG.jpg (53021 bytes)
Mike stand blows over?  No problem... 108-0859_IMG.jpg (64064 bytes)
Beausoliel 108-0868_IMG.jpg (69610 bytes)
Wilson Pickett 108-0899_IMG.jpg (34092 bytes)

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