Swag's Fest Photos: Wildflower Festival

May 10, 2003
Richardson, TX


The 10th Anniversary of this fest, switched in 2003 to a single 3 day weekend.  These pictures are from Saturday.

The $10 daily admission was on the high side for area Fests.  On the plus side, concession sales were cash (not tickets), prices were reasonable, especially bottled water for $1.50, and food selections were nicely varied.  I had an elk burger, some tasty crawfish, and a fried twinkie.

Nice guitar performances by Chris, Joe, and Jonny, especially Joe, who was the standout of the three.  But the set of the day was Shemekia Copeland, playing indoors at the Eisemann Center to a disappointingly small audience.  Her voice was resplendant - she's always great, but hearing her sing with concert-hall acoustics was a true treat.

Chris Duarte WF03 480.jpg (48794 bytes)
Joe Bonamassa (left) WF03 490.jpg (78753 bytes)
Shemekia Copeland WF03 498.jpg (25872 bytes)
Jonny Lang WF03 505.jpg (29978 bytes)

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