Swag's Fest Photos: Wildflower Festival

May 22, 2005
Richardson, TX


These pictures are from Sunday of the 3 day weekend. Deciding to go that day was a no brainer, as New Orleans came to Richardson: the Dirty Dozen and the Neville Brothers.

Admission is now up to $15, although a 3 day weekend pass is just $20.

The fest was held a few weekends later this year than in the past, and they paid for it, weather-wise, as the mercury pushed the record, climbing into the upper 90's. Consequently, anywhere with shade quickly became the most popular spot, with the air conditioned concert hall lobby the place to cool off.

But the bands I came to see were from New Orleans, so this heat was nothing new to them. Less than two months earlier, I'd seen the Dozen play another outdoor Fest in the snow, when it was about 80 degrees cooler. They were as good or better in the heat. The same could not be said for me, as the climate made dancing a challenge. They must have spotted my shirt, but when I heard the subsequent shout-out "Pet De Kat is in Da House", I couldn;t help but think "Pet De Kat is in Da Shade".

The Nevilles also excelled, striking a nice balance between Aaron's gospel, the softer R&B sound, and the funk that gave Art is nickname, Poppa Funk. Highlights were Iko Iko, Big Chief, and a killer Yellow Moon.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Joe Ely
The Neville Brothers
Charlie Neville on Sax
Cyril Neville on Percussion
Aaron Neville on Vocals
Hanging in the shade
Poppa Funk: Art Neville on Organ
The next generation: Ivan Neville on Keyboard, Ian Neville on Guitar

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