Swag's Jazzfest FAQ - Priceline and Hotwire Hotels

Are you having problems finding an affordable room for Jazzfest?

In the last few years, some folks have gotten outstanding deals using the "opaque" online travel booking agents: Priceline and Hotwire

With Priceline Express Deals and with Hotwire, they show you the discounted price.  With Priceline Pricebreakers, they show you the price and 3 possible hotels.

In all these cases, you don't find out the specific hotel until after your offer is accepted and your credit card has been charged.

Do not consider using these services unless you can live with their terms:


What about flights and cars?

Priceline no longer offers opaque price bidding for flights.

What about Rental Cars?

Sure, give it a try if you like.  Typically rental car savings are much smaller, and the booking fees eat into the savings, especailly for shorter term rentals.  On the other hand, unlike hotels, where you may not like the location, or flights, where you may not like the times or connections, all rental cars are pretty much the same, so you don't need to be too worried about what company you end up with.

Thanking Swag

If you do decide to give Priceline a try, please consider using these links.  The price you will pay stays the same, and I get a small referral fee, about enough for a beer at the Fairgrounds.

Please click here for Priceline , or use the search box below. Make sure you click the Name Your Own Price or Express Deals link once on the Priceline site.

I'm not a Hotwire affiliate any more, but will still track deal results here.

In fact, the referral fee is given for any Priceline travel purchase - hotel, airfare, rental car - and any destination - not just Jazzfest - so feel free to bookmark this page and use these links for all your Priceline travel, anywhere, anytime.  Thanks!

Hotel Rates

Rates change all the time, so there's no guarantee that these deals will still be available, or that better deals might not be available.  And there's no guarantee that the same offer will result in the same hotel for you as others got.  Still, these should give some indication of the sorts of offers that these booking sites have been giving.

If you are comfortable with the process and see a price you like, act quickly.   Some deals don't last long.

If you book a Jazzfest room throught Hotwire's opaque product, or if you place a Priceline bid (whether accepted or not), please email me at and I'll add your result to the list.  The more folks contribute, the better this site will work.  Please include all the info on the chart, including booking date and star level. 

All rates shown are per night, before taxes and fees.


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Color Key

1st weekend dates in Green
2nd weekend dates in Blue

Rejected Priceline bids shown in Orange
For accepted multiple-zone bids, actual hotel zone is in Blue

*** Jazzfest 2022 Priceline Results (Scroll this page down for Hotwire results).

Dates of Stay Bid Zone Level Accepted? Hotel Date of Bid
- - - - - - -

Priceline Zone Key - Click to View Map. Zones are occasionally re-drawn.  Always double check before bidding, and if you notice any changes, please let me know.

Abbreviation Zone  
French Quarter Mississippi
Includes the French Quarter and downtown areas within a few blocks of the river, from Esplanade to the Riverwalk.,
French Quarter Bourbon
Includes the Quarter plus an extra block in each direction, from the River to past Rampart St, from past Canal to past Esplanade.
From the River to I-10, between Canal and Poydras St., plus the Superdome area
Convention Center & Warehouse Arts District
From the River to Carondelet, between Poydras St and the Pontchartrain Expressway
Garden District
Includes the Garden District along St Charles, from US-90 out to Napolean Ave.
New Orleans Airport (MSY)
Metairie - Harahan
New Orleans East
New Orleans West Bank

*** Jazzfest 2022 Hotwire Results

Dates of Stay Rate Zone Level Hotel Date Booked
Su 5/01 - Th 5/05 $99 FQB 4* Sheraton 4/11/22
Th 4/28 - Su 5/01 $159 DT 4.5* (B) Roosevelt 4/14/22

(B) means the hotel shows the Boutique amenity in the Hotwire listing.

Hotwire Zone Key - Click to View Map
Zones are occasionally re-drawn.  Always double check before bidding, and if you notice any changes, please let me know. When searching, make sure you set the city to "New Orleans, LA" and not "New Orleans, LA (MSY)", or you'll only see the airport and Metairie area hotels.

Abbreviation Hotwire Zone Notes
FQB French Quarter / Mississippi River

From Canal St (including the downtown side of the street) to Esplanade, from the River to between Decatur and Royal.

FQM French Quarter / Mississippi River

From Poydras (including the Hilton) to Esplanade, from between Decatur and Royal to Rampart St.

DT Downtown
Roughly from Common St to Poydras and Girod St (including the Superdome area)
Warehouse District
Roughly from Poydras St to US 90, from St Charles to the River (including the Convention Center area)
GD Garden District
About 5 blocks on either side of St Charles, between US 90 (Ponchatrain Expy) and Napolean Ave.,
Airport - New Orleans International MSY
The Airport area, Kenner
Airport - New Orleans Midtown
From I-10 to around Canal St, from Broad St up to City Park
WEST Westbank
Across the River, including Harvey, Gretna, Algiers Point
New Orleans East
Around I-10, east of Gentilly


Hotel Ratings

The ratings on the different opaque sites are different.  Often, Hotwire rates hotels about one star higher than Priceline does, so a Priceline 3* may be a Hotwire 4*.You can see a list of known Priceline hotels in New Orleans and their star ratings here on the biddingfortravel site.

Past Years' Jazzfest Bidding Results:

Here are results gotten by folks in the past. Rates and success will vary by year, based on the state of the economy, what conventions may be in town, and who the Jazzfest performers are.

Other advice sites

Questions or comments, please email me at


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