Swag's Austin City Limits Festival Photos, 2003


The South Austin Jug Band

Heineken Stage

Memorable moment - an extended bluegrass jam with lots of teases thrown in, including a segue from Voodoo Chile to the theme song from King of the Hill.

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And to think:  Some of us can't even walk and chew gum at the same time.

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Faithful Gospel Singers

American Original Stage

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Los Lobos

Capital Metro Stage

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Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Capital Metro Stage

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Some well-travelled Jazzfest chairs acl2003 084.jpg (64279 bytes)
"You're damn right I'm going to be pissed off; I bought that pig at Pink Floyd's yard sale! "
- Peter Frampton on the Simpsons

Life-Imitates-Art bizarre moment of the day:   Between sets, String Cheese Incident plays clips from the Simpsons Homerpalooza episode on the big screen.  Then they open the second set with a cover of Another Brick in the Wall, as Pink Floyd's infamous pig suddenly floats out over the audience.

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